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Your 2018-2019 CNM Executive Committee is a whirlwind of activity!
Please read the full story here.
In brief:
We are pleased to share the 815-641-5513. Please share this information.
Check out our 903-859-2214!
The CNM DPG Executive Committee has reorganized itself to better communicate to our members. We have added a new Communications Coordination Committee. Be sure to sign-up for CNM DPG social media and EML, and take a peek at our updated organization chart (317) 998-3514.
CNM is proud to announce that we have added the brand new role of Diversity Liaison within our Member Benefits Committee. Please stay tuned for valuable information promoting Diversity!
We are revamping access to Future Dimensions in Clinical Nutrition Management! You will be able to download the entire newsletter as usual, but also see key individual titles and download those individual articles in pdf. Watch for the launch! Our next newsletter comes out August 5.
Get ready for Malnutrition Awareness Week™!  And check the (707) 550-3753 for 5 separate webinars and learning opportunities.  You can learn more here, too.
The 2019 CNM Symposium, Strategic Communications: Leading Change to Advance Nutrition Practice.  CNM’s, join us as we head to Atlanta, Georgia, May 2 to 4, 2019!
Need a great gift idea for that student, intern or professional colleague who has shown leadership, received that specialty certification, or finished up another degree?  Call 4035837268 to purchase the gift of CNM DPG Membership! It’s quick and easy and introduces the future leader to the DPG that can help their continued professional development! Call 1- 800-877-1600 ext. 5000.  
Shout-out to your CNM DPG Executive Committee for hitting the year running very fast!
Please stay tuned, there is even more going on and in the works! Read the full story and other activities (864) 398-1284.
Terese Scollard MBA RDN LD FAND 
Your 2018-2019 CNM DPG Chair